Idemia communication – Courbevoie – April 10th, 2020

As we all manage the difficult challenges arising from the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
pandemic, please be reassured that IDEMIA is continuously monitoring the situation
and is ready to assist whenever needed.
In this document, you will find disinfection and sanitizing recommendations applicable
to the following list of IDEMIA’s devices :

  • FingerPrint Sensors: CBM, MSO1300, MSO1350, MSO300, MSO301,
  •  Optical Livescan Slap and Palm acquisition devices: MTOP, MTOP Slim,
  • Access control and time management biometric terminals: SIGMA Family,
    MorphoAccess VP, MorphoWave Compact, VisionPass
  • Mobile device : MorphoTablet


IDEMIA recommends the following steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 when using
biometric devices. They are based on the information made available by the World
Health Organization (WHO) and other governmental health and safety organizations.
As IDEMIA has not specifically tested these steps on Coronavirus (COVID-19), we can
however not warrant their effectiveness

Use Best Practices for Hand Sanitation of Users

  • Instruct users to thoroughly clean their fingers and hands with an alcohol-based
    rub, or wash with soap and water BEFORE and AFTER touching the device
  • Ensure that the fingers and hands are completely dry before touching the

Use Personal Protective Equipment when Touching the Hands of a User (during
enrollment or verification phase for instance)

  • Follow your local Health Agency protocols for the use of Personal Protective
    Equipment (PPE) when touching the hands of individuals that need to be
  • Review WHO recommendations[1] on the use of PPE for your setting, personnel,
    and activity
  • The WHO may recommend additional PPE (gloves and mask) when interacting
    with individuals exhibiting symptoms suggestive of COVID-19

Cleaning and Disinfecting the Biometric Device itself

  •  First, please note that it is NOT necessary to unplug the device to clean it
  • Thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based rub or wash with soap and
    water BEFORE and AFTER cleaning the biometric device
  •  Always use a new pair of gloves when cleaning the device, and immediately
    dispose of the gloves once finished
  • Regularly clean and disinfect the fingerprint sensor, especially after someone
    exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms touches the device
  • From the US Environmental Protection Agency list[2] of disinfectants for use
    against the Coronavirus, IDEMIA recommends either:

    •  Windex® Multi-Surface Disinfectant or another similar product containing
      L-Lactic acid; or
    •  Hydrogen peroxide : apply the disinfectant to a non-abrasive wipe.
      IDEMIA recommends either:

      • Economizer® Wipers; or
      • 3M Scotch-Brite® High Performance Cloth
    •  Wipe the device surface and leave the surface wet with disinfectant for at
      least 5 minutes


  • Do not apply products containing bleach to the fingerprint sensor. This may
    permanently damage and affect the performance of the device
  •  Do not use abrasive cloths or wipes (e.g., paper towels)
  •  Do not spray liquid directly onto the sensor. Always spray cleaning solution onto a
    non-abrasive cloth, and then use it to wipe the sensor



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Capot de protection pour MorphoAccess Sigma Lite

Even though you have a high-quality biometric reader, robust and so, it’s always better to protect the device in order to extend its life to its maximum.

This is the reason why we have designed customized protection for each one of our biometric readers.

All these readers can be supplied with a stainless protection of high quality, made in France.

In our accessories’ range, there’s also spacers (Sigma Lite, Morphowave Compact), its use allows a clean and more professional environment by hiding reader’s cables.

In addition, it exists for MorphoWave Compact a stainless pedestal, designed specially to receive the contactless device and convert it into a tower. This improve the user experience whilst using the device because of its ergonomic height.

At last, for demonstrations and showrooms, or simply to enroll staff in your office, the MorphoTablet and the Sigma Lite can be fixed onto a desk support/docking station.

Pied pour Morphowave

IDEMIA, well-known as the leader in Augmented Identity, has incremented its top-of-the-line solution MorphoWave™ Compact with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The already awarded device, as the most trusted frictionless technology, had its distinguished performance and user experience improved again.

The frictionless biometric solution – MorphoWave™ has been already in the market for a while now. Launched by IDEMIA, the device offers a highly secured system for access control. It has quickly turned to be the reference in many major organizations when the clear-cut relation between biometric identification, high throughput and convenience was made by customers. The second version, MorphoWave™ Compact was introduced in 2018 strengthening its leading position. The strategy behind this innovative product is to enable frictionless access everywhere.

The world leader IDEMIA has an incomparable expertise, with 40 years in the biometric field. As a result of its experience more the ongoing investment in R&D, IDEMIA came out with the combination of AI and fingerprint identification. Its sets forth a cutting-edge solution, MorphoWave™ Compact, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Considering the device’s performance, IDEMIA could raise the matching speed in 85%, which reflects to a 25% more efficient system. The MorphoWave™ Compact powered by AI allows a flow of over 50 people per minute per device. The better performance is due to the algorithms which also optimized the capacity of identification (up to 100,000 users for one-to-many).

To outline, the best just got even better …

The improvement on the frictionless technology can be updated by all MorphoWave™ Compact customers. This emphasizes IDEMIA’s position not just as market leader, but as a long-term partner.

On September 12th in Chicago during the Global Security Exchange – GSX, the launching of MorphoWave™ Compact powered by AI will happen. The attendants of this fair-trade will interact with this powered frictionless device by the simple wave of the hand, confirming the ultimate convenient technology available.

“Technology is evolving at an incredible rate and it is constantly challenging and redefining customer practices. At IDEMIA, innovation and pushing the boundaries is part of our DNA. This latest innovation is another step towards the future of biometric identification and allows us to remain a leader in Augmented Identity.”
Yves Portalier, Executive Vice President of the Connected Objects business unit at IDEMIA