Capot de protection pour MorphoAccess Sigma Lite

Even though you have a high-quality biometric reader, robust and so, it’s always better to protect the device in order to extend its life to its maximum.

This is the reason why we have designed customized protection for each one of our biometric readers.

All these readers can be supplied with a stainless protection of high quality, made in France.

In our accessories’ range, there’s also spacers (Sigma Lite, Morphowave Compact), its use allows a clean and more professional environment by hiding reader’s cables.

In addition, it exists for MorphoWave Compact a stainless pedestal, designed specially to receive the contactless device and convert it into a tower. This improve the user experience whilst using the device because of its ergonomic height.

At last, for demonstrations and showrooms, or simply to enroll staff in your office, the MorphoTablet and the Sigma Lite can be fixed onto a desk support/docking station.