ANSSI, the french National Information Systems Security Agency, recently posted new certified suppliers on LinkedIn, including IDEMIA. More information on the subject.

What is ANSSI certification?

The National Information Systems Security Agency offers security certification, which certifies the security of a product. To deliver this certification, ANSSI relies on a compliance analysis and penetration tests carried out by a third-party assessor. It takes into account technological developments and user security needs.

For buyers, ANSSI certification helps ensure the good quality and safety of products. For sellers, this is a very powerful selling point in the cybersecurity market.

The two types of ANSSI certifications

There are two types of ANSSI certifications:

  • Common Criteria certification (CC) : globally recognized, this certification takes into account the design characteristics, the development process and resistance to a given level of attack. The duration of the certification process varies between 6 and 18 months.
  • First Level Security Certification (CSPN) : an alternative to CC assessments, it assesses the resistance of a product to more moderate attacks. It is less exhaustive, and focuses on analyzing the product by testing under time and load constraints.

We are very proud to distribute IDEMIA brand products, which are now certified by the National Agency for Information Systems Security.