Article 28 : Avec IDEMIA la voiture devient plus intelligente

With IDEMIA the car becomes smarter

IDEMIA is constantly working to develop innovative technologies. The development of the systems makes it possible to ensure automotive connectivity thanks to WI-FI. The new eSIM, DAKOTA v4.2.1 N, improves security as well as driving comfort.

Enhanced security

Automotive connectivity helps improve your safety and that of your vehicle.

IDEMIA secures access to your vehicle using biometrics.

The augmented identity based on the recognition of the owner makes it possible to secure the opening, closing and starting of the car. Safety also encompasses better driver protection. Thanks to improved interactivity, it benefits from a better driving experience. The features available to it without having to take their hands off the steering wheel contribute to improving their safety as well as that of any passengers. This assistance also allows the reduction of certain risks related to stress and inattention.

Improved comfort

Automotive connectivity improves on-board comfort and makes your journeys more enjoyable. The connected car makes it easier to listen to your favorite pieces of music. Route calculation is also one of the highly popular uses of the connected car. It helps to find the shortest travel time and reach the destination easily. The simplification of the controls offers various advantages such as thermal comfort.

Thanks to the activation of the heating or air conditioning remotely, the temperature of the cabin can be adjusted before you get into the car. This makes it possible to face winter and/or summer temperatures with more serenity.

Finally, activating the vehicle’s lights remotely is extremely practical. Indeed, being able to operate your lights using your smartphone can be very useful in certain situations. This allows you, for example, to easily locate your car if necessary.