Article 27 : IziTime, le logiciel de gestion de temps full-web

IziTime, Full-web time and attendance software

The optimization of a team’s working time and the improvement company’s performance are the concerns of any business leader.

The time has not yet come when your hologram will be behind each of your employees to ensure their productivity, punctuality or seriousness. For the moment, the tools available to you on the market are time management software. Make no mistake! It is not a cookie or a tracker but a real solution that optimizes the time management of your employees while meeting the main needs of your business.

Simple and efficient

At a time when teleworking has become widespread, Biotime offers you IziTime, the full-web time software that is integrated with biometric and card readers from the IDEMIA range, world leader in augmented identity.

Easy to use, you will only need a stable internet connection and an IP address to establish the connection between the servers and our terminals. Its sleek and intuitive interface will allow you to better manage the life of your business remotely.

IziTime serves leaders…

You will be able to have access to all the administrative documents of your employees, whether it is their request and their follow-up of leave or their schedule management.

All your company’s reports, schedules and statistics will now be centralized in your software with the possibility of exporting them in CSV, Excel or PDF formats. You will also have access to the real working time of your employees over the chosen period (weekly or monthly).

You will also be able to provide quick and personalized answers on everyone’s presence status with the display of different counters (overtime, public holidays).

…but not only…

Each employee, thanks to his personal space, will also be able to view his schedule and make his leave requests.
In addition, it offers the possibility for your employees who are teleworking to clock in remotely.
Whether you are in the office or at home, all you have to do is connect to our application from your computer, tablet or smartphone. In a few clicks, you can manage the attendance time of your employees.

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