Biometric readers: products at the cutting edge of technology

Biometrics allows the identification and authentication of a person, by recognizing characteristics that are specific to him, and immutable. Here is more information about it.

What are the means of identification?

One and the same person can be recognized in different ways, thanks to unique elements.
The main ones are as follows:

  • Fingerprints: Fingerprint readers, the effectiveness of which is well established, are widely used today and in many fields.
  • The iris: the analysis of the iris is complex because it requires high performance cameras, good lighting and optimal conditions.
  • The veins: the particular mapping of the veins also makes it possible to confirm the identity of a person.
  • The face: the size of the nose, the distance between the eyes, and many other details, make each face unique and allow precise recognition.

Biometrics at the service of professionals

A biometric reader can authorize logical access, such as access to confidential data, connection to a session, etc. This makes it possible to limit the actions of each employee and/or to protect sensitive data.

It is also possible to use a reader for physical access, in order to enter the premises of a company, for example.

The advantages of this authentication method

The use of biometric readers represents a definite advance for a company.

First of all, it gives the possibility of considerably strengthening the security. Unlike a password or a badge, the risk of identity theft is almost non-existent. It is thus possible to have, among other things, a precise and sure record of the entries and exits of personnel.

In the same way, it makes it possible to identify oneself, at any time, without risk of forgetting or losing their means of authentication.

Finally, it’s a huge time saver. Indeed, a biometric reader is able to analyze a huge database and validate an access in less than a second.