From November 26th to 28th, IDEMIA presents its solutions for managing populations at TRUSTECH. The company will also set out advanced option for secure passports and ID cards.

The IDway is not a simple Identity Management System, the solution was conceived by IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, in order to provide better services for populations and governments. This robust management platform for identity will gather in a unique legal ID several interoperable components as Civil Registry, ID Card Registry, Passport Registry, etc. This ID will alleviate people’s ID recognition by public and private services, in person or online. All the data in the IDway is reliable and constantly updated, it means a unified system capable of deliver trusted credentials.

To make the solution, IDEMIA partnered with:

CIVIPOL, the technical cooperation operator of the French Ministry of the Interior;

DIGITECH, a leading provider of paperless Civil Registry solutions;

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund;

CARITAS, a confederation of 165 reliefs, development and social service organizations

The first deployment of IDway was held in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through OSIA, open-standard Identity Management interface. One purpose, an identity for all from birth by 2030

At its 1st deployment led by IDEMIA and the institutions mentioned above, 2.4 million children were registered. World Bank aims now to produce 600,000 birth certificates and register 60% of children without registration at birth.

During Trustech, the Optical Machine Authentication was presented, it’s a secure and faster verification of passports and ID cards

By 2037, within 17 years, air travelers will hit an 8 billion figure, doubling the travelers’ flow of today. By means of this increase of people, borders control are already facing several challenges to fortify security measures of passport and other ID documents. All this measures seek to improve citizens’ board control and comfort whilst documents verification.

There are two optical machines that make easier the process of verifications. 1st: DocSeal, graphical seal to protect modifications and photo substitution and also forgery. 2nd: LASINK™, a color portrait laser engraved in a polycarbonate structure.