Pied pour Morphowave

New partnership between Idemia and Japan Aerospace Corporation (JAC) at Level5 stadium, Fukuoka, Japan. The stadium will do a trial for MorphoWave Compact, the best contactless / frictionless biometric device in the market. With a simple gesture – wave of hand – the biometric terminal can scan 4 fingerprints using an optical technology enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

Presented in 2019 on a final match of J2 league, the MorphoWave Compact, MWC, caught attention of Japanese authorities and proof of concept took place involving two scenario:

  • Ticketless admissions for pre-registered customers
  • Age verification for drinks and food collection at counter

“Our goal is to enable frictionless access everywhere without compromising security,” said Nobuyoshi Nezu, Managing Director and Vice President of Sales for Idemia Japan in a prepared statement. “IDEMIA has developed MorphoWave Compact, a touchless fingerprint device that enables this, by combining a high level of biometric security with a unique user experience, convenience and speed, which is what environments like a stadium need. We are excited to partner with Japan Aerospace Corporation on this very promising case and look forward to a full rollout of our MorphoWave devices at Level5 Stadium.”

Powered by AI capabilities, the MWC has better performance on matching, storing and responding back a command, by consequence it increases the user experience, so aimed at big-ticket events as sports games.

Source: https://www.biometricupdate.com/202003/idemia-successfully-pilots-contactless-biometric-access-technology-at-stadium-in-japan