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The group develops for Société Générale Bank a biometric credit card to secure contactless payments SECURITY Surge of contactless payments, development of telemedicine and distance learning, generalization of identity control for access in buildings and public spaces, rise of online purchase… The pandemic crisis was an accelerator for the digital transition in many sectors for […]

The database should be constituted by 2022. This European Union project is designed based on a <massive database> of biometric data, voted and approved in 2019, the project implementation speeds up. Two French companies, IDEMIA and Sopra Steria, were chosen to constitute this shared database between the union’s countries. A complex task to be executed, […]

This Saturday, June 13, 2020, Yves Portalier, executive vice-president of activities related to biometrics at IDEMIA explained the new requirements of biometrics for health in the program 01 Business presented by Frédéric Simottel. During this interview, Yves Portalier clarified the current challenges of contactless biometrics (via facial recognition or fingerprints) in this context of emerging […]