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Article 12 : Nouveauté : prise en compte des QR Code pour l'identification des visiteurs sur les deux lecteurs biométriques sans contact MorphoWave & VisionPass

As a professional, you must not stay on the sidelines of new tools intended to make your business more efficient. Today, biometric readers are at the heart of the surveillance systems of all companies. Check out the two IDEMIA models with new functionality below. Why choose one of IDEMIA’s new biometric products? All businesses face […]

Article-11 : Pourquoi choisir les produits IDEMIA?

With technological advance, things are accelerating more and more in the digital world. That said, securing identity has become a top priority at this time. The products of the world leader in Augmented Identity, IDEMIA, meet these priorities. What is biometrics? To fight against fraud, identity theft or cybercrime, new technologies are deployed. Among these […]

Article-10 : Encore une 1ère place pour IDEMIA !

IDEMIA’s 1:N face biometric algorithm has again taken the number one spot on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT). The IDEMIA’s 1:N face biometric algorithm According to an announcement by Idemia National Security Solutions (NSS), a business unit of Idemia, the test results showed a correct identification accuracy […]