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IDEMIA’s biometric reader Morphowave, which provides fully touchless access control technology, has been presented by Telefónica in their demonstration and innovation center. Morphowave captures and verifies 4 fingerprints in less than a second with a simple contactless handwave. And, more than 10,000 units are currently in operation worldwide. Telefónica is focusing on biometric access control […]


IDEMIA announces that its entity dedicated to biometric terminals is joining the Smart Physical Access Control (SPAC) organization. IDEMIA now intends to actively participate in the actions of the consortium by providing its expertise in the field of biometrics, access control and security. SPAC’s role in digital security SPAC is an organization that brings together […]

IDEMIA, a company created from the merger of Oberthur Technologies and Morpho, has become the market leader in biometrics security. This French company is not about to stop. Since the sanitary crisis emerged in early 2020, the notion of hygiene has become an additional reason to ensure the safety and security of individuals. IDEMIA realized […]